Choosing The Right Type Of Property For Your Business

When starting a business, you need to have a building that will satisfy your needs and allow you to carry out your business activities without issue. The building you choose is dependent on a number of factors including size, location and structural preference.

There are many buildings in the Brisbane market that can suit, however the most important thing is to find a site that’s beneficial to your business type. Obviously you’re going to want a different property for retail, compared to an office, or a warehouse. But there are some factors you should consider regardless.

  • Location – Depending on your business type, location is a crucial factor to consider. For example, if it’s an office, you would probably require the building to be close to the city centre. Again if it’s a manufacturing plant, then the warehouse can be out of town but not so far away for the purposes of delivery of goods. Public transport or at least easy access is crucial for retail environments, so take this into consideration. Research the area for new developments that may be forecast, and find out what the demographic of the suburb is like. Your agent will be able to help with these statistics if you can’t do the research yourself.
  • Your core business – The type of business you run is a contributing factor to the type of building that will be needed. If your business needs a factory, it will also most likely need a warehouse and distribution option.  Again, if you run a large company, office space will be important, and any other crucial spaces your business might need to run, like laboratories, or large servers.
  • Necessary amenities. This means that the required provisions for the specific business type to proceed smoothly are needed in the building that is to host it. It also means, public transport access, car parking, and more

The most important factor to ensuring your new location is suitable, is avoiding challenges in running your day-to-day business. If your new location will present difficulties, it may not be worth the move. Our team at McGees Property can help you make the right choice.

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