Chermside Projects

Chermside is a suburb that enjoys continuous growth no matter what the economy is doing. The suburb is well-located in the mid-north of Brisbane and is well connected with public transport corridors. It is equipped with one of the country’s biggest shopping complexes, and growth in the suburb continues to rise.

There are more than 50 developments in process at the moment, with many new projects also completed. It is a well-populated suburb that has massive residential growth happening, with constant addition of new residential towers appearing regularly. There are many multi-stage developments happening, and some street blocks like Curwen Terrace and Western Avenue are set for complete makeovers with streets lined with multi-level developments. There are around 15 developments alone in the three streets parallel with each other in the one block.

Other developments of note are Savile Row Mayfair which is a multi-stage development, featuring nine storeys of apartments, 9 Kittyhawk Drive, Chermside, with 67 apartments across nine storeys; 8 Thomas Street which will have 12 floors, with 93 apartments.

The development at 36 Thomas Street (Stage 1 & 2) will comprise of two mixed-use buildings with nine levels each. The recent renovation of the Chermside Shopping Centre has created new retail and commercial opportunities, and a six-level office block has been approved for Kuran Street. A ten-storey building has also been approved for the Wesley mission site at 930 Gympie Road, Chermside.

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