Brisbane’s Inner Suburbs: Changing to cater to demand and redevelopments

There is no doubt Brisbane city is an ever-changing landscape, and to keep up with the influx of people moving to Brisbane, it will continue to evolve well into the future. Ten years ago, the biggest changes were taking place around Fortitude Valley and New Farm, with major renovations resulting in extensively upgraded areas, including 5-Star hotels, residential complexes and a huge selection of new and renovated properties replacing the once outdated suburbs.

In 2019, the location may have shifted, but the constant change is evolving at an even faster rate than ever before. Demand has increased in recent years to a point where developers are choosing far larger scale projects to cater for future predictions. Large tracks of land close to the CBD have changed dramatically, and with the need to accommodate the demand, development projects in both residential and commercial settings have reduced and altered the way the city works.

The country’s economy is shifting in the direction of knowledge-based services economy, which is focused in the centre of major cities. The renaissance of compact living is here, and people are trading large house blocks for immediate access to jobs, transport, amenities and services. Apartment living is a viable and popular option to get people close to what they need, and this demand has created the landscape changes we are seeing. Most large tracks of land close to the CBD have changed, or are scheduled to change as a result of demand and redevelopment.

A prime example is LendLease’s development of King Street, and the effects it will have on the Ekka now and into the future. Another is the redevelopment of Victoria Park Golf Course, as well as Roma Street Rail Yards. Commercial and residential developments such as these alter the landscape, often with mixed feelings throughout the community. We are an evolving city, and we know that development brings jobs and money.  But how far can we evolve?

The following are some of the major redevelopments in the central area – and how they will change the shape of the city.

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