Brisbane’s Inner North

It’s no secret that Brisbane’s Inner-North has undergone massive changes in the last ten years, with everything from road and infrastructure expansions to the introduction of new entertainment and mixed-use precincts. Not to mention a decade of constant growth when it comes to property projects.

There is, of course, no holding back either, with another solid ten years ahead of growth, and more change than ever before. The demographics of the Inner-North has changed dramatically in the last decade, with the median age of residents in the area sitting at just over 33 years old. This median age offers a bit of an insight about what to expect in the Inner-North in the coming years and might even prove beneficial for those looking to invest in the region.

There is so much already happening in the Inner-North with a long-term plan already set in place to evolve, and although the apartment market is coming to a lull, there is still plenty more opportunities ahead to invest, and at a price that is within reach for young investors looking to build both residential and commercial portfolios. The Inner-North is going to evolve well into the next 5-10 years without a doubt, and those who invest now will be better off for it.

Currently, there are hundreds of new projects on the move in the area, and there are no signs of progress slowing down any time soon. Here is a look at just some of the major projects in Brisbane’s Inner-North, including the CBD, Valley and more.

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