Brisbane Development Highlight: Buranda TOD

Developer Wee Hur has submitted an updated application with Brisbane City Council for the development of four towers as part of the Buranda transit-oriented, mixed-use development.

The site was sold to Wee Hur back in 2014 and Stage One is complete, comprising two mixed-use skyscrapers with 1,610 student housing flats and retail establishments. The new application submitted to council is for stages 2-5 and will include four towers of varying heights.

Stage 2 of the proposal is referred to as ‘The Terraces’ and would consist of a new residential tower with 287 apartments and a podium level recreation deck for residents. This tower is projected to reach a height of 28 stories.

Stage 3 tower, known as ‘The Canopy’, will be built adjacent to the existing Park Central Unilodge student accommodation towers in plot 1. It would be another 26-story student accommodation tower with 564 rooms.

Stage 4 is a commercial office skyscraper dubbed ‘The Pavilion’ in the application. This tower would have a gross floor area of 6,026m2 and would be seven stories tall.

Stage 5, the TOD’s final stage, is to be a residential aged care facility called ‘Garden House’ with 130 rooms and a seven-story height.

Additionally, a series of subtropical ground-level public spaces are envisioned, including Tributary Lane, an intimate retail laneway intended for the intersection of Logan Road, and a number of urban commons, pedestrian boulevards, and trails planned throughout the precinct.

The project, located between two important transit hubs, the Buranda Train and Busway Stations, is built on top of the Eastern Busway itself and aims to improve the area’s liveability by providing career opportunities, housing options, and a place to age in place.

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