Best Apps for Commercial Real Estate in Brisbane

Consumers and the way that they buy things have changed dramatically in the last ten years, and as agents you need to keep up with the technology to ensure the sales keep coming your way. There are a bunch of apps that you can now use to make every aspect of your business smoother and simpler, and as consumers become needier and more informed, it pushes agents just like you to change and adapt.

Not long ago, contracts took forever to draw up, and interestingly enough it was the cryptocurrency called bitcoin that came along and changes everything. Since the inception of bitcoin, or more to the fact, the technology behind it called blockchain the instantaneous contract is now possible. Smart contracts are one of the biggest innovations of our time, offering contract speed and security like never before.

Thanks to mobile phones, Wi-Fi and technology that can be accessed absolutely anywhere, we can now accomplish tasks in a matter of seconds or minutes that used to take days. Not only this technology is taking over the industry, there are many apps that simply make your life easier. Here are some of the best.


This app works when you take a photo of a document. It converts them into a high-quality scan, like you were in the office. It can also take photos of business cards and add them to your phone contact lists. It will also auto crop and enhance photos for clear digitised documents


Skype keeps you in control of your business by allowing face-to-face meetings, free online calls and easy global calling.


This app allows you to create and sign digital contracts anywhere you need to. It offers secure access and allows on-the-go signing at any time.


LeaseMatrix is an excellent way for agents to compare or analyse lease terms on the go. It also has built in lease vs buy analysis and will save a lot of time.

Magic Plan

This app allows you to create instant floorplans. You can draw the shapes on your phone’s screen or use the camera to capture the room’s layout.

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