Green buildings are high on the priorities list for many businesses seeking new commercial premises. If you are a commercial property owner, owning green commercial buildings can deliver tangible cost savings, and attract tenants.

Green buildings can offer your business more than simple alleviation of environmental concerns. Studies recently revealed that there are significant bottom-line advantages to owning environmentally-friendly buildings.

Green buildings are defined by their environmental rating, as specified by The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the National Australian Built Environment Energy Rating System (NABERS) . The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) rates buildings with its Green Star Rating system, with six stars being the highest rating.

The GBCA Green Star ratings are based on design, construction and operations, while NABERS measures operational water and energy efficiency of Australian buildings.

Slash Energy and Water Bills

Green Star-rated buildings use around 66% less electricity and 51% less water than an average Australian building. To put it into perspective, a 4.5 NABERS energy-rated, 5-Star Green Star-rated building of 5,000m2 could save $18,200 a year just in electricity costs.

Savings For Businesses Of Any Size

As a landlord, you can get assistance from City Switch to reduce your building’s energy use to boost profitability and increase the resilience and value of your asset.

The service supports commercial buildings to improve office energy and waste efficiency and has assisted more than 700 Australian businesses achieve greater energy efficiency.

There is a clear business case to invest in green buildings, especially where your tenants are involved. Green building research has discovered that businesses are more likely to retain staff and see increased productivity when working from a green building. As a landlord, that should be a good enough incentive to increase the ‘green power’ of your property.

With the significant dollar savings and productivity increases possible, it makes perfect business sense to make your commercial building a green one.





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