Projects Overview Brisbane

In a recent edition of Media Muster, we shared with you a 3D video that has been created to show us the future of Brisbane – mapping out construction projects right across the city. In case you missed it, here are some of the top projects coming up! Brisbane Metro: a $1.24 billion project that

The Property Industry in 2021

As 2020 finally drew to a close, many pundits were questioning the year that was, the rapid rate of change that is, and what that would mean for the property industry in 2021.  The South East Queensland corridor was particularly fortunate having shed some of the deep impacts that the COVID pandemic placed on us

Promise To Build A Second Bruce Highway

Although this one is a little further out, we felt it was worth mentioning for cargo and freight purposes. One of Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s most discussed election promises has been her pledge to build a second Bruce Highway to cut travel times and move freight off the existing main artery route. The new highway planned

Election promise for COVID Works For Queensland

As part of Labor’s strategy for economic recovery in Queensland, Premier Palaszczuk has created a $200 million program to be delivered in 2020–21 called COVID Works for Queensland. These funds will go towards a wide variety of shovel-ready projects across regional areas of Queensland. Available to all state councils, the COVID W4Q program is a

Election Promise – Coomera Connector

As the busiest road in all of Queensland, the Pacific Motorway has an average of almost 150,000 vehicles travelling daily on the highway. And now that Labor has won the election, construction of the highly anticipated Coomera Connector upgrade is guaranteed to go ahead. The Coomera Connector will provide a 42km stretch of 6 lane

The Election: An Overview of Promises

Here’s an overview of the election promises from the Labor Government:  Introduce euthanasia legislation for the terminally ill. Works for Queensland – $600 million promise – program to support regional councils undertake maintenance and minor infrastructure projects which creates jobs. M1 upgrade between Daisy Hill and Logan to slash travel times for motorists. No new taxes Second

QLD Election Results Overview

After her surprise win in the 2015 election, there were many who called Annastacia Palaszczuk the “accidental Premier”. But after winning the next election in 2017, and after the millions of votes were tallied this year, it seems that Queenslanders have elected her to lead the state yet again for her third term in office.

Land Tax Relief Extended

As part of the Palaszczuk Government’s mini-budget, it will deliver an additional $249 million in Covid-19 related tax relief to small and medium-sized businesses across the state. A 25% land tax rebate was announced by the Queensland Government, which will be available for eligible properties for the 2020-21 assessment year. The most recent announcements are

Green Buildings Incentive Policy

To help promote construction during the Covid-19 pandemic, Brisbane City Council recently announced the Green Buildings Incentive Policy. Under a new incentive scheme, developers who reach Brisbane’s new high green standards will only be required to pay for half of the Council’s infrastructure charges. The housing industry, one of the largest employers in Queensland, and

Fiscal & Economic Review

In September, the Queensland Government released its Covid-19 Fiscal and Economic Review, eight weeks out from the upcoming election. The report summarises the economic strategy for the state and provides an update on the fiscal and economic estimations over the last and current financial years, which incorporates the impacts of the pandemic to date. The

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