What Commercial Property Owners Need To Know EOFY

Your tax obligations as an investor can be complex and overwhelming, especially with commercial property. There are many factors to consider before lodging your tax return at EOFY, from analysing lease commitments to property depreciation. And that’s just the beginning. But in a bid to encourage commercial investment, the ATO offers property investors a variety

Top Tips For Landlords At Tax Time

While claiming tax deductions on your rental property will undoubtedly boost your return, many property investors don’t take advantage of all the available opportunities. That’s because some landlords don’t know what expenses are claimable and what ones aren’t. For example, some don’t realise that the property must be legitimately available to rent to claim a

Common Commercial Property Tax Mistakes You Need To Avoid

To ensure you get the highest return from your property this EOFY, here the most common mistakes made by commercial investors. Building Depreciation Deductions for commercial property depreciation are dependent on when the building was constructed. Original construction costs can’t be claimed on a property built before September 16, 1987. Commercial properties built after this

Why Should You Invest in Brisbane Property?

Brisbane is one of Australia’s largest cities, home to 2.3 million people and also home to some of the greatest business real estate in the country. If you’re thinking of buying commercial property in Brisbane, there are three reasons why you should take the plunge. The Vacancy Rate Is Low One of the best reasons

Quick Tips for Buying Commercial Property in Brisbane

When investing in commercial property, Brisbane offers quality properties and huge variety. You get the serenity of the beaches mixed with the bustling nature of a city. Commercial property in Brisbane is highly sought-after, with a generally low vacancy rate, and the potential for properties to return a high yield of 6+% (the average for

Australia’s Booming Industrial Property Sector

While 2020 was certainly a tough year for the Australian property market as a whole, technically we’re already on the other side of the COVID recession. Jobs are rapidly returning, migration has been strengthening, and both vaccines are looking promising. The combination of all these positives are looking to start supercharging the commercial property market

REA Insights Property Outlook Report 2021

Despite experiencing the worst recession since the Great Depression, a number of the property predictions from early last year largely held true. In fact, much of the property market in Brisbane actually performed pretty well throughout 2020. While the market displayed some extraordinary resilience as a whole, it certainly wasn’t without its challenges. Demand was

Brisbane Fringe Update March 2021

According to the latest research from Cityscope, the number of property sales in the Brisbane Fringe have increased noticeably over the last three months, while the sale amounts have only increased slightly. Brisbane Fringe recorded 60 commercial property sales totalling $323.5 million in the last 12 months to early February. This number falls over $200

Brisbane Update March 2021

Cityscope’s latest research found the number of commercial properties sold over the last three months in Brisbane have remained stable, but the total sales figures have decreased. And according to Cityscope, there were 41 sales recorded in Brisbane over the last 12 months to the end of January totalling $775.3 million. This figure is $2.16

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