Being a commercial property owner can be stressful at the best of times, and security is just one of the most common concerns our landlords and tenants tend to face. This is particularly the case around Christmas.

If you’re concerned about the security of the premises while you and your team are taking a well-earned break, here are a few of the top tips we offer our property clients:

  1. Risk Assessment – What are the biggest physical and digital threats to your business? How can you mitigate them? Consult with all your key staff in different areas of the business and at varied levels of seniority to get their ideas, as they can help identify risks that you may not have seen or considered.
  2. Crosscheck & Update Your Insurance – ensure that your business insurance covers all of these eventualities, so that even if you do encounter an issue, you will rest easy knowing that you are covered.
  3. Safeguard important equipment– digital devices (laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, etc) and machinery should be secured and kept out of sight. Put any valuable paperwork under lock and key, and if you don’t have a safe onsite, consider removing cash from the premises if you’re offsite for any extended period of time. 
  4. Digital back-ups – ensure that you back-up any digital files online on Google Drive or Dropbox and where possible, on hard drives that you keep offsite away from the premises.
  5. Be vigilant. Know your staff and visitors– this isn’t just for the holiday season. You should always know your staff and visitors. Always keep a casual eye on monitoring visitors onsite inside or outside the premises.
  6. Consistent security checks – allocate a trusted staff member to conduct regular security checks each day at the close of business. Repair any breakages or potential threats as soon as possible. Also liaise on a weekly basis with other businesses in the area, so that collectively you can monitor security threats.
  7. Crosscheck and update your notification list – ensure that your escalation procedure and notification lists are currentand updated, so that the appropriate team members can be alerted and react as neededin the case of break-in or digital security breach.

Bear in mind, these are just some thought-starters, so carve out 10-15 minutes now or at some point today to start with a risk assessment specific to your business, consider the biggest threats to your business and then take the appropriate action to mitigate these threats.

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