5 Things To Consider In Customer-Facing Business

One thing in real estate is certain, you need to be good with people, well; not just good, but incredible. As someone who works face to face with consumers on a daily basis, there are a few basic rules you must follow to be able to achieve your goals, for success in this modern digital age.

To achieve success, you need some qualities that are basic, yet if not explained to you, can be left by the wayside, and forgotten forever. Here are 7 things every customer facing soul needs to know to perform your job at an outstanding level.

1. Be engaged and find joy in your job.

It’s in the best interest of both you and your customer to be completely engaged in your job when you turn up. If you can find joy in doing your job very well, you will get better at it fast, and it will show.

2. Be proud of what you do.  The customer experience you deliver will make or break their rapport with your company. Pride yourself on excellence and portray your company like it was your own.

3. You have emotional intelligence. Being an amazing real estate agent requires a great deal of emotional intelligence. You already have the intelligence, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here.

4. The customer is not always right.  In sales and service based roles, we are always told that the customer is always right. This is a lie. They are often wrong, they often lie, they can be angry, nasty and downright rude, but you must be so skilled at your job, that even when they are wrong, when they lie, when they are angry and nasty, you can turn it around for yourself, and them. Your bank balance will be the proof for defining that skill.

5. You can make the world a better place every single day. Whether you deal with 1 customer or 200 a week, you can create a positive experience for each and every one of them. When they leave their interaction with you feeling great, they are more than willing to spread positive emotions you gave them, and in turn spread the word at how great you are. Make the world a better place, and you will be rewarded.

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