2022/23 Budget | Road and Rail

Road and rail has been allocated $3.9 billion in the newly released federal budget. The cash is expected to upgrade roads to reduce commute times and extend the railway to connect the region in time for the 2032 Olympics.

Queensland has received $1.6 billion of the overall allocation. The Beerwah-Maroochydore Rail Extension to improve the Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast rail has received an injection of $1.6 billion. The 37km line with several stations is expected to take as little as 20 minutes. It will create almost 10,000 jobs.

The Kuraby-Beenleigh Faster Rail Upgrade to connect Brisbane to the Gold Coast has been allocated $1.1 billion. The expansion will upgrade to four tracks, which will improve signalling systems, as well as travel times.

An additional $101.7 million has been assigned to community and local road infrastructure throughout Queensland. Since the 2013/14 budget, the government has allocated a total of $35.9 billion to infrastructure projects in Queensland. Of the 349 rail and road projects, 155 have been completed during the period.

The State government will need to match this funding as part of its role in supporting the Olympics, providing support to transport spectators, officials, athletes, and media. As well as providing locals with improved transport infrastructure that will benefit the community. There is also $150 million reserved for Wooloongabba’s Brisbane Metro station.

In addition, the road spending budget is set to create over 10,000 new jobs. The projects will improve commute times, create new opportunities, and boost the economy. With the population growing, infrastructure improvements will relieve the pressure of growth. There’s a benefit to the environment as it will encourage locals to use trains over their vehicles.

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